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"Pet Steam Hair Removal & Massage Comb"

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format: Blue And Gray Upgrade
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Regular price $24.11
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1. Pet Care Must-have: Keep your pet's fur healthy and glowing with our Cat Steam Brush Comb. The UV purple light design eliminates dirt while the steam feature helps increase fur luster and elasticity.
2. Pet Comfort: Pamper your cat with a massage effect using our steam brush comb. Watch them melt in relaxation while getting rid of tangled fur and deep-seated dirt.
3. Cleaner Space Solution: Groom your cat while it collects loose hair. Enjoy a cleaner living space and avoid frequent sweeping of floors, maintaining a hygienic environment effortlessly.
4. Strong cleaning power: The spray design lets you groom and shower your cat simultaneously, while the added water or essence with the sprayer nourishes the fur. The strong cleaning power ensures a quick and effortless cleaning experience.
5. Durable and Gentle: The 10mm soft silicone comb teeth are gentle on your cat's skin and coat, while the steam function helps to remove dirt and tangles. This product is also safe and environmentally friendly.

Product information:
Specifications: Blue Gray UV sterilization (upgrade), gray blue base spray, light pink UV sterilization (upgrade), light pink base spray
Material: rubber
Applicable object: Dog
Battery capacity: 150mAh
Charging duration: about 1.5h

Packing list:
Dog rubber comb * 1