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Pinata Smashlings Plushies (1) in Window Box, 6 Styles to Collect, Age 3+

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Piñata Smashlings Plush Toys in Window Box, 6 Different Plush Characters to Collect. Each 3-inch Tall Plushie Comes with a Redeemable Digital Code for the Piñata Smashlings Roblox Game! Have Your Pinata Party with the Cute Characters from the Game: Berry Boo, Chewy, Gus, Noaks, Dusty, and Ruff. Collect them all! All Piñata Smashlings Toys are Officially Licensed by Toikido.
THE PIÑATA SMASHLINGS TOY LINE! The Roblox game that has been making waves all over the world is now coming to life! Go on daily adventures with your Piñata Smashlings Roblox Toys!
FREE DIGITAL CODE WITH EVERY PIÑATA SMASHLINGS TOY - A free digital item redeemable within Piñata Smashlings on Roblox is included with every toy.
MEET THE PIÑATA SMASHLINGS. Collect all 6 characters and reenact your favorite games and adventures from the world of Piñata Smashlings
BERRY BOO, A FRIENDLY FRUIT SMASHLING! Berry Boo, a perfectly sweet and juicy, left out in the sunshine for too long, grows a berry furry white beard! He is also a culinary whizz and loves experimenting with baking bread, cakes, pastries, and delicious snacks.
CHEWY, A CLIMB BEAR SMASHLING! Curious Chewy is a clumsy Smashling who loves investigating and always ends up falling into trouble, sometimes quite literally, and is oblivious to danger!
GUS, A LEGENDARY SOMERSAULTING SMASHLING! Gus is a popular celebrity diver, drawing huge crowds from far and wide to witness its incredible take-offs, tucks, twists, and tricks!
NOAKS, A QUIET LOGICAL THINKER SMASHLING! With a big brain under its shell, Noaks prefers the peaceful surroundings of its workshop as it creates gadgets, fixes machines, and invents new innovative products!
DUSTY, A CUTE AND FRIENDLY SMASHLING. Dusty is always on the lookout for sneaky bitter Bashlings up to no good!
RUFF, AN EXCITABLE CARAMEL PUDDLE JUMPING SMASHLING!. Ruff has so much fun glooping about with its pals that it never wants to go home.


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